Green Rooms

Gardens beautifully designed, expertly built & lovingly planted.

Green Rooms was established in 2001 by Gabriel Pol, and is a garden design and landscaping practice based in Brighton & Hove, working across Sussex and the South East.

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Ffion Hague

Business, books and broadcasting

A website to showcase and bring together the many strands of Ffion's interests and her board evaluation business.

The design had to balance between bringing unity and yet still differentiating between all the varied types of content.

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Frost & Reed

Trusted for over 200 years

Established in 1808, in the decade between the battles of Trafalgar and Waterloo, Frost & Reed is one of the oldest art dealerships still in operation in Britain today.

The Design is sharp, clean and elegantly proportioned. Managing the delicate task of looking to the future whilst retaining respect for the past.

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The Court Reporter

International Arbitration

The Court Reporter is a transcription company that specialises in providing live transcription services to international arbitrations.

The Design is professional looking, typography led and beautifully responsive.

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where penguins dare

LinuxGalaxy is a love-letter to Linux. This blog details Billy Kelly’s adventures with Linux as well as dropping in loads of useful scripts and Linux news.

The Design is simple to let the content shine and tastefully decorated with a penguin logo!

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4fit me

condense your transcripts online

4fit me is a tool to provide court reporters with a quicker way of converting their text files into a particular publishing format called a condensed transcript.

The Design is for a teaser site whilst the application is being developed. Big, bold and friendly!

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