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24 Jan , 2013  

Hi, I’m the one on the left! I’m Tony Hill –  ukulele player, front-end developer and stay-at-home dad! Thought I’d start this blog as my smallest, Joe, is showing signs of growing up and not needing me quite so much. Soon I can kick him off to school and start working properly again – YAY! So this year is about easing myself  back into development with a couple of projects as well as whatever random small website builds come my way.

Oh you build websites! I’ve been meaning to do one as a showcase for my collection of coloured pine-cone owls…

4fit me

The first project is called 4fit me which  is a tool to provide court reporters with a quicker way of converting their text files into a particular publishing format called a condensed transcript. My wife is a court reporter – she wanted this!

Currently there are 2 main ways of getting a condensed transcript. The first is to use very expensive software (E-transcript) which gives a great looking result. The second is to use the completely free tool built into the stenography software which gives a terrible looking transcript!

So a third way, cheap and great looking, is where 4fit me comes in. A fuller discussion of 4fit me’s development is probably the subject of my next post so I’ll move on to…


This one is an app to help STTRs (Speech to Text Reporters).

Going to call it Sttring and have just bought (nothing there yet there is now). The main thing about this is it needs to be real time which means it’s time for me to learn Node!

Anyway, more on that in later posts.

Bye for now,

Speak soon!


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