Get It Out There!

11 Feb , 2014  

This post isn’t ready for you. This website isn’t ready for you. But if I hung on until they were perfect then they would never be ready. So here they are; this post and a new website design.

More Motivation

So that’s what this post is about – just getting it out there.

But here’s the thing, when it is out there and people are seeing it (some people are; I’ve seen the analytics; I’ll have you know I’m quite popular in Finland) I know from past experience that there is going to be a fresh wave of motivation to get it honed, polished and just plain ready.

Gimme the Content!

And just get it out there. I try and tell my clients this as they worry themselves gimlet-eyed over every last comma.  It’s amazing the clarity you get about what needs to change, what you can leave out and just what it will take to perfect it when know your audience is watching. (Also you get the content much, much sooner!)

Change It!

It’s a huge advantage of publishing on the web that everything is so mutable. Think that a particular sentence hits a bum note? Just change it. That image not punchy enough? Put in a new one or maybe it needs some whitespace around it – heck just maybe it would be improved by having a thick yellow border around it!

Addy Osmani put it so well in a recent tweet.

First do it, then do it right, then do it better – this is my mantra for successfully getting things done. It’s all about the iteration.


Oh the new site design?

So as I’ve been saying it’s nowhere near ready but I kinda like where it’s going. I wanted to get away from all the careful, tasteful, considered work that I do for my clients and just bang something punchy together. Also it gives me some new material for the next few blog posts!

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