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My Last Website

26 Jan , 2016   Video

And it is Beautiful!

Obviously! Green Rooms was established in 2001 by Gabriel Pol, and is a garden design and landscaping practice based in Brighton & Hove, working across Sussex and the South East.



Only do what you cannot do!

3 Mar , 2014  

Day 313 - you want the impossible...

Someone took my advice.

Not only did they take my advice but my advice worked out for them. This is a sufficiently suprising and unnusual sensation for me that I decided to write about it.



Get It Out There!

11 Feb , 2014  


This post isn’t ready for you. This website isn’t ready for you. But if I hung on until they were perfect then they would never be ready. So here they are; this post and a new website design.



2014 – New Years Resolutions

1 Jan , 2014  


Blog – lots of blog!

How to write? Apparently the answer is to keep writing and then write some more. Then edit it. Then get writing again.

I really wish I was a more fluent writer and so I’m going to start writing as if I was a more fluent writer and see where that leads me. I’m commiting myself to a weekly post and not let myself get hung up on how little I know or what a bad writer I am.


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Hello world!

24 Jan , 2013  


Hi, I’m the one on the left! I’m Tony Hill –  ukulele player, front-end developer and stay-at-home dad! Thought I’d start this blog as my smallest, Joe, is showing signs of growing up and not needing me quite so much. Soon I can kick him off to school and start working properly again – YAY! So this year is about easing myself  back into development with a couple of projects as well as whatever random small website builds come my way.