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My Last Website

26 Jan , 2016   Video

And it is Beautiful!

Obviously! Green Rooms was established in 2001 by Gabriel Pol, and is a garden design and landscaping practice based in Brighton & Hove, working across Sussex and the South East.


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Responsive line breaks – SASS mixin

7 Jun , 2014  

Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 15.33.36

No-one likes a messy break up!

My current project is a site that has a long tagline that accurately describes exactly what the site is for.

I know! I tried suggesting a catchy 4 word one that poetically hints at what’s what – but no dice!


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Responsive Parallax Navbar Tutorial

10 Feb , 2014  


A Simple Introduction to Parallax Techniques


I know there’s a lot of Parallax tutorials out there; I’m linking to a few at the end of this one!