2014 – New Years Resolutions

1 Jan , 2014  

Blog – lots of blog!

How to write? Apparently the answer is to keep writing and then write some more. Then edit it. Then get writing again.

I really wish I was a more fluent writer and so I’m going to start writing as if I was a more fluent writer and see where that leads me. I’m commiting myself to a weekly post and not let myself get hung up on how little I know or what a bad writer I am.

There will be garbage. There will be errors. There will be bad writing, but hopefully, rising out of this, there will be a better writer.

Side projects

After I kicked Joe off to pre-school for five mornings a week, I was then able to take on paid client work again – which I absolutely love! Having said that, this has left my two main side projects 4fit me and STTRing in a state of permanent infancy. I’ve got to find time for these poor neglected projects!


I did find time for one side project though. This was starting to get into building mobile apps. Motivation was in plentiful supply because I was doing it with the smart and lovely Billy Kelly our first test app was football weather on android and we’ve got lots of ideas!

Not exactly a resolution there – just pointing out that I will be doing more of this!

Stress less

I do this stuff because I love it! One of the reasons I love it is that it can be hard. Completing something difficult is a brilliant feeling but sometimes trying to do something hard can be really stressful. I’m going to try and keep some perspective in these moments and remind myself that I enjoy it!

2014 is going to be fun!

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